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Home > Path Through the Corn at Pourville tapestry Large

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Path Through the Corn at Pourville tapestry Large

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Code: PC-7134-WH
Regular price : $330.00Sale Price : $220.00
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Path Through the Corn at Pourville Tapestry Large
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Based on a Monet oil painting, this stunning wall tapestry depicts the beautiful view from a path on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and shoreline. With his Impressionist style, Monet spirits us away to a serene Oceanside landscape, one that is lovely and inviting. Our artisans have carefully translated Monetís original into a stunning, Jacquard woven wall tapestry. A rich textile art work that brings the wispy white clouds against the pale blue sky, the summer shades of the seaside grass the along the worn, dirt path, and the gorgeous, cerulean ocean, all right into your home.

Jacquard woven cotton blend tapestry. Over-stitched and folded over hem gives a perfect finished look. Includes a sewn in tapestry rod sleeve for easy rod hanging (rod sold separately), or use the included antique brass hanging tacks for a flush on the wall effect. Spot or dry clean only.

Path Through the Corn at Pourville Tapestry Large
Dimensions: 53"H x 70"W

(Also available in a small size) -->click here, (and a medium size) -->click here.

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